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Indiana & Midwest photographer

About Spring Marie Photography

Hey you!


As the creative force behind Springmariephotography, I am excited to introduce myself as Sarah Moore, a photographer and artist dedicated to capturing the raw emotions and fleeting moments of life. My passion for photography is evident in every click of the shutter, as I strive to create enchanting images that exceed your expectations. Whether it's a family portrait, a special occasion, or a personal branding session, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that reflect my attention to detail and artistic vision. My photography style is characterized by a soft and moody ambiance, achieved through the use of natural light and warm tones. I understand the importance of timing in capturing the perfect shot, which is why I am flexible and willing to work with you to accommodate your schedule, including scheduling sessions during the golden hour for that perfect glow. I also welcome your furry friends to join in on the photography session, as I am an animal lover and enjoy incorporating them into my work to capture the special bond between you and your pet. Through my photography, I have been fortunate to gain many supporters and friends, and I hope to include you in that group, sharing my passion and creativity with you to create lasting memories.

~Springmariephotography does offer payment plans~

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana & Midwest photographer


Positive Reviews

"Had the best time last night! Sarah you are amazing and I’m so glad we went to you for our sisters session! The preview is amazing and I already know the rest will be just as breath taking! 10/10 recommend this wonderful lady!"

Jade Atkinson

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